bob baxley

FM Radio Stations

I was wondering the other day why it seems that non-profit radio stations are always on the left of the radio dial. I found from Quora that this is due to a 1945 ruling from FCC.

Still, I thought it would be neat to visualize the distribution of stations by genre. Do do this, I scraped a few sites using a script that @danlrobertson made for one of our Anidata hackathons that let's you hit websites through Tor. The scraping code is here.

With the data in hand, I explored some of the categorial plots in Seaborn and decided that the violin and beeswarm plots were the most compelling. Static images never look quite as good as interactive d3.js plots on webpages, so I sought out some code that could render a beeswarm plot in d3 and found distro_chart, which is a super cool library. After a bit of tweaking, I created the plot above.